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Paco Rabanne Black XS

Paco Rabanne has launched the Black XS (for women) in 2007 – two years after the launch of the men version Black XS for men (2005). The feminine fragrance has been created by the perfumers Emilie Coppermann and Mark Buxton. The advertising slogan says ‘modern and rebellious princesses’. The Italian model Bianca Balti is the advertising front of the campaign.

Top notes – cranberry, pink pepper;
Middle notes – rose, black violet, Tahitian orchids, cacao;
Base notes – vanilla, patchouli, massoia wood.

Burberry Summer 2010

This is a new summer line of Burberry and can be found in all of the branded stores since April 2010. Two extremely romantic and delicate perfumes are launched – Burberry Summer 2010 (for women) and Burberry Summer 2010 (for men). The perfumer Lucas Sieuzac is the creator of the women version.

Top notes – peach, black currant, mandarin orange, pomegranate;
Middle notes – rose, lily, freesia, honeysuckle, mint;
Base notes – musk, cedar, sandalwood.

Guerlain Insolence

The Insolence perfume has been launched in 2006. It has been created by Maurice Roucel and Sylvaine Delacourte. The scent is not that typical for the brand. Compared to the rest of the fragrances is really bold, provocative and daring. The actress Hilary Swank has been chosen to be the main face of the commercial campaign – she has won the Oscar for the main part in the Million Dollar Baby movie.

Valentino Eau de Parfum

The perfume has been launched by the luxurious brand of Valentino in February 2009. The Russian model Natalia Belova is the front of the advertising campaign. Luca Stoppini is the photographer of the campaign.

Top notes – magnolia, swept through;
Middle notes – violet, mimosa, pear, orange blossom;
Base notes – vanilla, orchid, heliotrope, rice.

Valentino Very Valentino

Very Valentino has been launched by the fashion house of Valentino in 1998. It has been created with the assistance of the perfumer Daniela Roche – Andrier. A front of the fragrance is Angela Lindvall, born in Oklahoma. She is an extremely beautiful model who is also an actress from time to time. In this advertisement she cannot be recognized at all – having a long black hair. The skin on her face is clearly white – this is on purpose in order to emphasise on the lips and glance. The blues eyes, red lipstick and dress are completing the picture of the fatal woman. While walking she is just spilling the Very Valentino perfume and everything behind her starts burning in flames. This is really a breathtaking performance.